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I'm SO excited for these upcoming unicorn mini photo sessions! I hope you and your kiddos are, too. I wanted to create this guide to help you ensure that your photos are beautiful and keepsake treasures always. Keep in mind, that none of the suggestions below are requirements, unless otherwise stated. This is only to help maximize how the end result looks!

Arrival to the Location

When you arrive at North Fork Farms, our location will most likely be toward the back of the farm. Drive past the buildings near the main entrance and follow any NEON PINK signs in the ground pointing you to our spot for photos. PLEASE park in the designated parking area. You will have to walk a little bit to the rest of the way to our set, so please plan to arrive 10 or so minutes before your session. This will allow time for locating our spot, checking in, getting to the set, hand sanitizing, and any clothing changes or hair fixes.

When you locate us, I will have a table set up with hand sanitizer. Please have your kiddos use hand sanitizer before the session. Adults, please social distance and limit the number of adults to 1 - 2. There will be a gift for your child(ren) with their name on it - please wait until AFTER your session to pick it up from my assistant. Please social distance with any family that may still be having their session if you're early.


North Fork Farms & Outback 3637 Morrice Rd Webberville MI 48892

Those Lovely Locks

As a mom of an 8 year old daughter, I know the struggle sometimes with hair brushing or styling! I don't expect perfectly coiffed locks, so just try your best to get them to cooperate with whatever you can accomplish. I do ask that it's neat, brushed, out of their beautiful faces, and as styled as you can make it.

What to Wear

You may already have something in mind for what you want your kids to wear for the unicorn session, but if not, I have suggestions for what make gorgeous fantasy photos. Regardless of the dress you choose, please test out how it will lay when your child is sitting on the unicorn to make sure that no undies will show! You can do this by having them sit straddling something like a chair. If it's not a very full or long dress, you may want to consider wearing dance or bike shorts under it.


If you have a mini princess ruling over your heart, this is a perfect opportunity to embrace that and maybe even splurge on a poufy princess dress. It will quickly become a favorite dress-up item if your daughters are anything like mine!

[Note: Photo links below are Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase one of these items shown.]


If you'd rather go with a more casual, boho mood for the photos, then long, flowy dresses or skirts are the way to go. Think lace, ruffles, or cottons in muted tones of pink, yellow, green or blue are perfect for this type of feeling in the photos.


If you're bringing a little boy with a girl in a boho chic or poufy princess dress, you'll probably want him to wear something complementary to what she's wearing so it doesn't look out of place. Boys could wear cute khaki shorts or pants with suspenders and a short sleeved button up to match the casual vibe. For a more formal look with a princess dress, think prince, knight, etc.

Weather-Related Note

Let's all cross our fingers, pray, or do an anti-rain dance for the session date! If there is a high chance of rain in the forecast for the day/time of the sessions, we will reschedule. Please understand that I cannot guarantee the date of the reschedule if it does occur as the farm has many other events that are scheduled far in advance and I must reschedule around their availability. In the case of rain, a rescheduled date WILL be offered. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, I will make every effort to book another person in your spot and, if I'm able to book the spot, I will refund the payment MINUS the nonrefundable retainer at that time. I do try to wait until the morning of the sessions to make sure of the weather for that day since we all know Michigan weather can change quickly!

Other Things to Note

SHOOTING TIME: Sessions are booked in 20-minute increments, but please understand that a minute or two of time between clients is necessary. That may not seem like a lot of photographing time, but it is actually way more than needed most times. Please note that I will probably not be continuously shooting the entire time. I try to focus on key poses or shots and let the child(ren) just enjoy the unicorn throughout the session. So if I'm not constantly shooting, please don't worry that I'm not getting shots.

CONTACTING ON THE DAY-OF: On the day of the session, I will NOT be able to answer any texts or messages about the location, where the shooting spot is (follow the signs!) or anything like that because I will be focusing on the clients I'm photographing. If you're going to be arriving late, I won't be able to respond to that either. Just note that if you are more than 5 minutes late to your session, I do NOT guarantee any number of shots. If you're more than 10 minutes late, your session is cancelled and not refunded. Please be sure to search for directions on Google Maps (or whichever map or GPS service you use) at least the day before and allow a few extra minutes for any unforeseen traffic issues. Feel free to ask questions regarding the location PRIOR to the session date.

Final Dos & Don'ts

Some other things to remember:

  • DO feed them or give them a snack before you leave to avoid being hangry!

  • DON'T give your kids any candy, drinks or food beforehand that could stain their faces, lips or tongue. Especially anything red, orange or blue.

  • DO talk beforehand about the "unicorn" so they're looking forward to meeting him, especially if you think they might be scared. Also, please remind them that while Martin the Unicorn is a pretty chill unicorn, screaming can spook the pony and we don't want that.

  • DON'T be upset if your little ones are shy or afraid of the pony at first; most kids warm up after a couple of minutes.

  • DO cancel if you or your immediate family (including children being photographed) have been exposed to or had coronavirus within 14 days prior to the session!! PLEASE also do not bring generally sick children to the session.

  • DON'T bring any additional props or friends/family members!


Your balance is due in full the DAY BEFORE the session. This allows me to make sure everyone is ready to be photographed the day of without having to cut your session short to handle payments. This is no longer negotiable.

Please be sure you have read your entire contract. I realize it's a lengthy read, but it does contain answers to questions such as approximately how long my turnaround is on images, what is included in your session fee, etc. TO REPEAT WHAT IS ON THE CONTRACT: Your session fee includes:

  • A 15- to 20-minute photo session

  • Professional hand-editing of images

  • Online gallery to choose from

  • $50 credit toward prints, wall art, high-resolution digitals, etc.

  • 3 low-resolution digital images (perfect for sharing on social media)

  • A gift bag for each child

Your session fee DOES NOT include:

- Prints, digitals, or products aside from the $50 credit you receive toward prints or digital purchase.

UPDATED NOTE ON TURNAROUND TIMES (4/26/2022): I spend more time on editing the unicorn sessions as compared to, let's say, a family session. I edit out the pony's reins, any dirt or flies that like to land on ponies, any annoying background spots, etc. So please know that I will work as fast as possible on editing while still providing you with quality images. At this time, I am about 2-3 weeks out with my turnaround because I do have other photo sessions scheduled ahead of the unicorn sessions. I do try to work as quickly as possible, but do not guarantee turnaround times.

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